Ted McKlveen

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Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Strategy and Commercialization at a Series C battery software startup, and Bain consultant. Stanford MBA and Harvard Chemistry BA. Leads fundraising and business development

David Jaramillo

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Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

PhD in Materials Chemistry at UC Berkeley with a focus on hydrogen storage, and Harvard Chemistry BA. Inventor and author on multiple hydrogen patents and publications. Leads innovation and technical partnerships.

Bav Roy

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Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Launched product development teams, advised fuels & electricity businesses on operations & strategy at BCG. Stanford MBA, BEng in Renewable Energy and BCom in Finance at UNSW Australia. Leads operations and commercial demonstrations.

Kaushik Mallick

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Head of Hydrogen Storage

Led storage pressure vessel development at Steelhead Composites (CTO), Quantum Fuel Systems and Composite Technology Development.

Vincent Heloin

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Head of Hydrogen Engineering

Decades of experience in cryogenics at Air Liquide and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Tom Linebarger

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Ex-CEO Cummins

Former CEO of Cummins, one of the largest truck engine manufacturers in the world.

Salvador Aceves

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Hydrogen Research

One of the pioneers of cryo-compressed hydrogen storage & Group Leader at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Markus Kampitsch

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Hydrogen Vehicles

Former technical lead for BMW's cryo-compressed hydrogen development, and H2 R&D lead at Great Wall Motors

Rob Pahl

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Metals R&D

Decades of experience in advanced metallurgy

Dolly Singh

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People & Talent

Former head of talent at SpaceX and Citadel, advisor to top hard-tech startups

Bob Boyd

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Safety & Standards

Decades of experience in hydrogen safety and fuelling, working with Linde, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Nikola and Great Wall Motors

Ryan Kemmet

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Alternative Truck Fuels

Brought new battery, CNG and hydrogen products to the automotive & trucking markets

John Formisano

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HD Truck Fleet

Led global vehicles division at FedEx

Monterey Gardiner

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Hydrogen Vehicles

Led hydrogen R&D efforts across Hyundai, Nikola, BMW and at California Fuel Cell Partnerships

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