Rapid product development built on decades of national lab research

From the lab to the road

The Verne co-founders, Ted, David, and Bav came together while at Stanford and UC Berkeley with a vision for improving hydrogen's use as a fuel.

Through their research they dove into decades of development led by Lawrence Livermore National Lab and BMW to develop a new, dense form of hydrogen storage: cryo-compression.

Cryo-compression held the ideal properties for commercial heavy transport: energy density, low fuel cost, and operational flexibility.

With rapid product development techniques and the original experts from LLNL & BMW, Verne has been able to turbocharge the development of cryo-compression.

The team has already set world records and reached on-vehicle demonstrations in short time.

Verne team comes from X companies

Bringing innovation to scale

2020 - 2024
  • Founded Verne to decarbonize heavy-duty transport with high-density hydrogen
  • Received grant from Stanford University


  • Built first cryo-compressed hydrogen storage tank
  • Added original inventor of CcH2 to Verne team
  • Signed first major OEM contract
  • Received grant funding received from Breakthrough Energy, MIT, Caltech and National Science Foundation


  • Raised Seed Round from Amazon, Caterpillar and Collaborative Fund
  • Received first LOIs from fleets for trucks with Verne storage system
  • Added industry leaders in hydrogen storage and cryogenics to the team
  • Signed collaboration agreement with leading infrastructure partner
  • Received ARPA-E grant to develop refueling equipment


  • Set world record for CcH2 storage (3x previous record)
  • Completed on-vehicle demonstration with OEM
  • Initiated development with 3 new truck OEMs and port equipment, mining and hydrogen distribution & refueling partners
  • Received Department of Energy grant


  • Received confidential grant to develop and pilot first CcH2 Class 8 truck
  • Awarded 3 DOE grants to develop CcH2 components with suppliers
  • Will conduct further CcH2 storage & refueling innovation and development with key partners


How we partner

We are proud to be working with some of the most forward-thinking vehicle manufacturers, fleets, hydrogen suppliers, and investors in trucking, aviation and other industries.

We welcome additional partners to our clean transportation.

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