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Sustainable transport
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HD Transport

Heavy duty transportation is
the backbone of the global economy.

But due to reliance on fossil fuels, heavy-duty transportation 
generates 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.
A new solution is required to prevent
catastrophic climate change impacting our planet.


The potential of hydrogen fueled heavy duty transport

In the search for a sustainable alternative, hydrogen-fueled propulsion has shown great promise.


Recent pilots in each of the trucking, shipping and aviation industries have proven that green hydrogen is a safe and scalable alternative to batteries for long distance transport. Fuel cells convert lightweight hydrogen gas into usable electricity for propulsion.


The pilots indicate incredible promise of a future where zero-emission trucks, ships and planes are powered by green hydrogen.

The hydrogen storage challenge

Despite the promise of hydrogen-based pilots, the efficient storage of hydrogen onboard trucks, ships and planes remains one of the key challenges to unlocking this zero-emission future.


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles use compressed hydrogen gas, stored at 350 or 700 bar. While they've proven to be safe stores of hydrogen, challenges remain.


Volumetric density, weight, cost and fuel availability remain key issues amongst the existing hydrogen storage solutions.

Verne is here to help...

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Our Solution
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Verne’s hydrogen storage solution

Verne is developing high-density and lightweight hydrogen storage systems for use onboard trucks at low cost.  

Our solution builds upon decades of research to provide a reliable, scalable and cost-effective storage solution. 

Compared to the 700 bar compressed gas storage used in many fuel cell truck pilots, our technology has:

2x volumetric density (i.e. 2x truck range)

50% lower weight (i.e. higher truck payload capacity)


​Cheaper storage tank


Cheaper hydrogen fuel

Safer and more reliable  (due to lower pressure)

Verne Solution
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We will be deploying our solution on heavy-duty hydrogen trucks
before expanding to other applications.

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It's time for a new era in heavy duty transport.

It's time for zero emissions.

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