Verne Hydrogen tanks

A breakthrough for high-density hydrogen

Our unique cryo-compression technology maximizes hydrogen density for heavy-duty vehichles.

We provide a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution to compact and store hydrogen without increasing pressure.

This more than doubles the hydrogen in each tank, a breakthrough that makes hydrogen a usable fuel for zero-emission transportation.

Verne’s cryo-compression technology provides the highest density hydrogen fuel storage

Simple and fast refueling with less equipment than current hydrogen stations

Vehicles with Verne hydrogen storage achieve diesel range and payload, 4x the range of battery electric vehicles

Verne's high-density fuel systems are compatible with any hydrogen source, allowing fleets to choose the cheapest available hydrogen source

Our technology will transform the use of hydrogen in transportation and fuel distribution

Hands touching up Verne's hydrogen tanks

How Verne compares

Verne doubles the hydrogen in onboard storage tanks

Highest possible densities of pure hydrogen based on thermodynamics

And halves densification cost

Efficient modular chilling units allow for densification with low energy. Chilling units are suitable for 100kg  - 30+ tonnes per day

Verne vs. Other Fuels