Department of Energy

Verne receives DOE award for commercialization support

January 2024

Verne was named among the recipients of commercialization support from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions' voucher program. The voucher program provides support to accelerate market adoption of clean energy technologies.

Verne's award will support development of at-scale manufacturing for cryo-compressed hydrogen systems.

"It takes a breadth of tools and expertise to bring an innovative technology from research and development to deployment. The Voucher Program will pair 111 clean energy solutions with the support they need from expert voucher providers to help usher new technologies to market” said DOE Chief Commercialization Officer and Director of the DOE Office of Technology Transitions, Dr. Vanessa Chan.

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Time: The Challenge of Decarbonizing Long-Haul Trucking

February 2024

Verne was highlited in a recent Time article "The Challenge of Decarbonizing Long-Haul Trucking":

While there are a handful of hydrogen-powered cars, there currently aren’t any hydrogen-powered trucks. But San Francisco-based startup Verne, is one company trying to change that. It says its technology doubles the density of conventional hydrogen in each tank, thereby increasing the energy available and allowing trucks to travel farther. “Our goal is to make sure trucks can make sure they maintain diesel parity [with] a full range and a full payload and the same refueling time,” says Ted McKlveen, Verne’s co-founder, and chief executive.

Ultimately, it might not be an either-or situation. McKlveen thinks there’s room for electric-powered trucks and hydrogen-fueled ones to coexist. Electric might be the better choice for short trips, while hydrogen could power vehicles that travel cross country.

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Verne joins the Center for Transportation and the Environment to continue efforts accelerating adoption of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles

January 2024

Verne joined the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE). CTE is a nonprofit organization that develops, promotes, and implements advanced transportation technologies, vehicles, and fuels that reduce environmental pollution and fossil fuel dependency. Verne and CTE will continue working together to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission heavy-duty transportation!

Verne selected as a Top Innovator in Sustainable Aviation by the World Economic Forum

January 2024

Verne has been selected as a Top Innovator in Sustainable Aviation by the Uplink World Economic Forum! Verne’s cryo-compressed hydrogen technology helps hydrogen aircraft extend range and reduce fuel costs. We're thrilled to work alongside the 15 other Top Innovators and the challenge partners to bring innovative decarbonization solutions to the aviation industry.

Read more about the Uplink Sustainable Aviation program here: